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Visit our testimonials page to see what customers are saying about Garden State Septic Service and the amazing Terralift System.

Call us at 908.319.3379 for more information. We would be pleased to give you a firm price after an on-site inspection of your septic system.
Satisfication Guarantee:
If you do not receive favorable results after utilizing our services, we want to know and will work to your satisfaction is fulfilled.
About Us
Garden State Septic Service is in business to help you save time and money, and to help you avoid stress and aggravation. We are very interested in your satisfaction and we will be happy to help.

We have saved homeowners thousands of dollars by helping them to avoid the expense and inconvenience of installing a new leach field.

Using the patented Terralift technology, we can add years of life to your septic system without disturbing your turf and we can do it in just a few hours!

Our warranty far exceeds any warranty or guarantee given with a newly installed system!
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