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Hydro-Line Jetting
Hydro-line jetting is pressure washing, but for your drain, and is an effective, efficient, economical, and environmentally safe way to clean and prevent future blockages, if part of a scheduled maintenance program.

Maintenance of this sort will go a long way toward minimizing eventual blockages that could result in a line breakage requiring more drastic and expensive remediation.

Our drain line video inspection systems allow us to inspect the internal workings of a pipe line to find and assess any existing problems. When a problem is discovered the hydro-jetting equipment is employed to resolve the problem.

Over time, accumulations build up on the inside of pipes much in the same way that years of poor diet will cause buildup in arteries. Grease, sand, scale, silt and any number of other sediments are the culprits in most cases.

Hydro-Jetter systems have a heavy-duty power nozzle attached to high-pressure. Operating at approximately 4000 psi, the hydro-jetting process will destroy even the most stubborn line blockages and efficiently scour the entire pipe. This process should be a regular maintenance consideration for businesses such as restaurants and food processing who are subject to unusual grease and oil by-product accumulations as a matter of course.

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