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Call us at 908.319.3379. We would be pleased to give you a firm price after an on-site inspection of your septic system.

Our warranty far exceeds any warranty or guarantee given with a newly installed system!
Helpful Tips
to keep your Septic System Healthy!

  • Know the location and components of your septic system and drain field.
  • Keep a drawing of these locations in your records.
  • Have your septic system inspected at least every three years.
  • Don't dispose of household hazardous wastes in sinks or toilets; they can destroy the bacteria in your septic tank.
  • Keep other household items, such as dental floss, feminine hygiene products, condoms, diapers, and cat litter out of your system.
  • Conserve water whenever and wherever possible.
  • Distribute your laundry chores throughout the week to avoid overloading the system on any given day.
  • Donít use garbage disposals; they contribute unnecessary solids and grease to your septic system.
  • Plant only grass over and near your septic system. Roots from nearby trees or shrubs can clog and damage the system.
  • Grass on the surface of the absorption field should be mowed regularly to promote evapotranspiration and transpiration.
  • Do not apply manure or fertilizers over the drain field.
  • Keep vehicles and livestock off your septic system. The weight can damage the pipes and tank, and your system may not drain properly under compacted soil.
  • Keep gutters and basement sump pumps from draining into or near your septic system.
  • Check with your local health department before using additives. Commercial septic tank additives do not eliminate the need for periodic pumping and can be harmful to your system. In fact, you should avoid septic tank additives; there is no scientific evidence that they are effective.
  • Monitor your septic tank yearly and have a reputable contractor remove sludge every three to five years to help avoid overloading your system and the costly repairs that follow (look in yellow pages under septic for a list of local haulers).
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