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Once I know that my system needs to be replaced what do I do?

It varies by town, but some of the steps include:

1. An engineer is assigned to do a perc test with the towns Board of Health.
2. Utilities need to be marked out on property
3. Perc test is performed and septic plan is drawn up by engineer
4. Plan is submitted to town for approval
5. Once the plan is approved an estimate is given on the cost to install the system
6. The utilities company may need to be called in
7. If the estimate is accepted the system is installed
8. The town Board of Health and Engineer inspects the system and signs off
9. A Certificate of Compliance is issued

Garden State Septic can take your system from start to finish, relieving you of any headaches, phone calls, or appointments. Rest assured we will handle the details.
Excavating and Installing a New Septic System
You can expect a conventional septic system, such as that being described here, to last about 30 years. Some systems last much longer and some systems can fail earlier.  Other things can also affect the life of a septic system. For example, a system may have been providing satisfactory service for a previous owner for many years, only to fail shortly after you have bought the house. If the previous owners were a working couple with no children, the system was probably not heavily used; if yours is a family of six, the added load could push a marginal system over the edge and into failure. 
Installing a New Tank:


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